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Are you a collector of beer glasses, coasters, labels, caps or other breweriana ? You'll find here a lot of information aimed to help you to manage your collection.


Who am I ?

Julien Gurickx

My name is Julien Gurickx and I live in Belgium. I'm collecting glass beer mugs, boots and pitchers with the name of a beer or a brewery. Actually my collection has pieces from 125 countries spread over the five continents ; it is still in full growth and receives regularly new finds.




My site has a double objective

Prime objective : Display my collection which counts for the time being :


Beer boot
Beer pitcher
7098 mugs
541 boots
122 pitchers


in total glasses.


Introduction to beer glass collectionA glance at the collector's A.B.C. will better enable you to appreciate all the subtleties which enrich a collection.

Second objective : Help the collectors in identifying their pieces thanks to a research system connected to my data base. This will be particularly useful for the classification of glasses of which the name of the brewery is not mentioned.


Site overview How to surf through the site ?

The left-hand button bar provides access to the different pages of the site. What exactly is hidden under each of these buttons ? Here a short outline :


Introduction to beer glass collectionIntro - Don't miss it ! You'll discover the secrets of the tegestophile (breweriana lover)



Beer mugs, boots, pitchers collectionCollection - will immerse yourself into my collection. The pictures of the mugs, the boots and the pitchers are sorted by country and for three of them (Belgium, Germany and France) by province, Land or region. For all the other countries the glasses are alphabetically sorted by name of the brewery. Considering the small number of pitchers, these are all presented in block on the same page.


The most beautiful items of the collectionBest of - Here you'll find a selection of the glasses which I consider as being particularly valuable : the oldest ones (enamelled, inscription applied with acid, mugs with a tin lid, ...) but also some other rare pieces that each collector likes to have.


The breweriesBreweries - Are you particularly interested in a specific brewery or breweries belonging to a geographical entity ? Click on this button and you'll have the opportunity of viewing all the glasses produced by a given brewery. To do so you'll have to choose between :

Whatever your choice is, you will be in a position to access all the pieces of my collection.


Searching for beer name or brewerySearch (green button) - Who was never confronted with the thorny question of deciding where to classify an object in his collection, either because the logo didn't mention the name of the brewery, or because the name was too generic and did not allow a precise identification. I suggest to share my own information with you. The process is very simple :


  • Enter the wording (or part of the wording) in the search window .
  • If this wording appears on one of my pieces you'll be able to check on the picture if you got the right answer to your query.

As I am not above making mistakes, please do not hesitate to inform me of any errors you find !


New itemsNew - If you regularly visit my site you may be interested in knowing which are the pieces added to my collection since your last visit. To that end just enter a date according to your choice, click on the button "Envoyer/Send" and you'll see a list with all the items I acquired since that date. To view them click on their name or on the thumbnail and you'll get the picture and all other available information.


Unknown beer glassesHelp me ! - Many thanks to those of you who will provide me with information on glasses I couldn't identify. Please send me an e-mail and in order to avoid any misunderstanding thanks for mentioning the ID no. corresponding to your information (always near the picture).


Stats - Here, in some figures, another sight on my collection.


Books about beer and breweries

Bibliography - For those who are interested, here are the various books I regularly consult in order to classify my glasses.




MailMail - For any more personal question or remark, send an e-mail !


LinksLinks - Now that you are introduced to the tegestophilism you will no doubt wish to know more about it. Here are some sites which are waiting for your visit.



The site was created in French by my wife, Annie. However, in order to make it understandable to a maximum of people she thought it would be useful to translate all the pages into Dutch, English and German. Please be tolerant and forgive any possible linguistic akwardness or better, draft an amendment and forward it to her, she will be grateful !

If you enter the site by the very first page you can immediately choose your language. If you are landing on another page by means of a search engine, you will have the opportunity to switch the language by clicking on the ad hoc flag appearing at the right top of each page. Doing so will put you automatically on the same page in the chosen language.

Finally, I would grasp the occasion to thank all the people who somehow contributed to the realization of this site. To all of you many thanks for your assistance !

Last database update : 2023-05-17